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Women Veterans More Isolated

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You're Not Alone

In a recent study, Four out five women veterans say they feel loneliness, isolation and disconnect from their peers. This is 20% higher than compared to their male counterparts. The survey was conducted with a group of 4900 women involved with the Wounded Warrior Project.

The report had a lot of other interesting finds, and also showed that women veterans were more likely to have college degrees, but a lot less likely to be employed full-time. And on top of that, those that were employed, made $8000 dollars less annually. The results of the survey can be found by going to:


The Army does Take-Backsies

The Army has denied medals and special forces insignia to a soldier pardoned by Trump for an alleged murder according to report in USA Today. In 2010, Major Mathew Golsteyn, then a Captain, killed an unarmed combatant. The combatant, was suspected of detonating a roadside bomb in Afghanistan Goldsteyn knew that, QUOTE “obtaining evidence in order to convict this individual of the detonation would be hard to get”.

He had admitted to the incident during a job interview with the CIA, triggering an investigation. The Army board made the final decision last June, but didn’t publicly release the information until after Trump left office.

In the report, the board said, “The presidential pardon is a sign of forgiveness and does not indicate innocence.”

Golsteyn has not decided if he will appeal the decision to federal court.


Congress just passed a massive 1.9 Trillion dollar COVID relief bill -- but what does that mean for veterans?

Just like anyone else, those that make under $75,000 a year get a $1400 check for each eligible family member, but what else?

Well, extra funding is included to help the VA support COVID 19 vaccine distribution, improve access to care, with additional focuses on women’s health, mental health, suicide prevention, and helping those who are homeless or in danger of becoming so.

The bill also provided extra funding so that the VA could wave copays during the pandemic for healthcare and prescriptions.

For those that are unemployed, and have no other educational benefits, the VA now offers up to 12 months of rapid retraining assistance and housing allowance.

There is also more funding for state Veteran's homes, and funding to help speed up the compensation and pensions claims processing.

Some tips & resources Scholarships

If you are a veteran interested in studying automation, engineering or robotics, Halter CNC Robotics, located in Cascade Iowa, is now offering a $2500 scholarship. To apply, you have to submit a bio, proof of veteran or military status, and information about their current school.

Help for the Hearing Impaired

For veterans with hearing loss, there is now a free captioned telephone service available. The service allows the user to see real-time transcriptions of their phone calls on their home phones, mobile device, or other communication device.

To learn more about the program to and click the ‘learn how to access’ banner at the top of the screen.


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