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Episode 5

I didn't write anything up for last week, and for that I'm sorry [slaps wrist]. But here's this weeks!





Bipartisan bill would require VA to care for toxin-exposed veterans

U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch on Thursday introduced a bipartisan bill that would require the VA to provide health care to veterans who served at Karshi-Khanabad Air Base -- also known as K2 -- and have since been diagnosed with toxic exposure-related illnesses and diseases.

Between 2001 and 2005 as many as 15,000 US service members were stationed there to support military operation in Northern Afghanistan.

Unclassified DOD documents have shown that those who were stationed there were exposed to multiple cancer causing hazards --- including depleted uranium.

The US Army Center of Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine found that the potential for daily contact with radiation was 100% for all those assigned.


Disaster Resources for veterans.

If you were affected by a national disaster - like the massive power outages in Texas you may be in need of resources. A great place to start is,

You can apply for disaster assistance, check application status, identify FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC), find housing assistance and more.

They even have veteran specific information.

Go to the “information” pull-down and select VETERANS.

Also, know that many insurance companies, like USAA, can also provide near immediate assistance with money to cover food loss and other things.

If you know of other resources, share it on social media and tag The Veteran Podcast.


Black Veterans Project Honest Reckoning -

It’s time for an “honest reckoning” when it comes to racism in the military, says Richard Brookshire of the Black Veterans Project.

Half of minority service members report witnessing racism among fellow troops.

New Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the first African American to serve in the role, has acknowledged racism in the armed forces. In one of his first acts as SEC DEF, Austin issued a "stand down" order across the military to address extremism in its ranks.

A necessary first step, according to Brookshire but more needs to be done.

For more information about the black veterans project, go to


Original Story:

NY Times

Racial Disparity Study

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