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Crayons Ready to Eat.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Nope. You're in luck, Marine. And I also got a few more stories for you.

Hi everyone, and welcome to the veteran pod- well, a blog I guess. If you didn’t already know this blog also comes in both an audio podcast and video version. The audio you can find on any podcast player ( And the video is posted on both our Facebook page and our youtube channel. This week we got a flavorful bunch of stories for you and some great resources in our tips & resources segment. But first, let’s get to the news.


Iran and the US are continuing to trade barbs.

On Wednesday, it was reported that 10 rockets struck Al Asad airbase in Iraq.

The only casualty in the attack was a US contractor who suffered a fatal heart attack during the incident. The airbase is home to both the Iraqi military, as well as US service members and contractors. The rocket attack came days after President Biden launched an airstrike on the Iranian-backed militia inside of Syria. This was in response to an earlier rocket attack that struck near Erbil, Iraq, killing one civilian contractor and injuring 6 - including one American service member.

Marines love their crayons. or so so they say.

When marine corps veteran, Frank Manteuau realized he was absentmindedly chewing on the end of a crayon during an art project, he had an idea. Why not make a truly edible, crayon-like snack? He was a Marine after all. He partnered with a friend, and together they came up with a crayon-like creation that comes in various colors but is made with chocolate instead of wax. They call it… Crayons - Ready - to - Eat. So, if you Marines have a hunger you just can’t satisfy, Manteuau is now crowdfunding the project and is hoping to raise $75,000. To learn more about the project and how to donate, go to Oh, and if anyone wants to send me a sample, I’d gladly take one for the team. You can email me at


Veteran Unemployment Rate Remains Flat

The veteran unemployment rate remains flat at five and a half percent as we enter the second year of the pandemic. Lower than the national unemployment rate of 6.3 percent. Historically, rates for veterans had not gone over 5-percent since the end of the last recession in 2014. If you are a veteran that’s looking for ways to improve your job-hunting skills, stick around for our next segment.

Tips & Resources

here are three ways you can focus your post-military resume.

1. Be Specific - It’s great that you are jack-of-all-trades (so am I), and the company you are trying to get hired on to will undoubtedly like that, however, recruiters are looking for specifics. Use the job announcement as a guide and tell them exactly what you can do for them.

2. Translate Your Skills - we all know the military jargon doesn’t translate well to the civilian sector. Trying to translate that can sometimes be easier said than done. both and the VA website have tools that can help. Links to both are below.

3. Be Strategic - Don’t list every skill or responsibility you’ve ever had. Only list the ones relevant to the job you are applying for. More information and detail can be found at:

source: Helpful Links

COVID Vaccines are becoming available To those who receive care from the VA, all veterans in both the Puget Sound and Colorado Springs regions are now eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. If you want to know about your region or eligibility, the VA has a website you can go to where you can sign up to be informed when they come available and it also has other covid related information.


VA Covid site -

In Summary

That’s it for this week. Again, I am Joe Stone, and thank you for tuning in (or reading in this case) to the veteran podcast, the podcast for veterans with news, tips, and resources in just under 10 minutes.

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