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An Update & Latest Episode

A lot has happened since our last episode.

Jimmy and I started episode one, way back in September, with the best of intentions. We were to make this a weekly and regular thing, complete with guests and what not. Well, then the wildfires happened. The whole west coast seemed to be ablaze and here in the Portland are was no different. The Air Quality Index was often in the hazardous range and it was hard to breath even inside. We did everything we could to keep the doors and windows shut and sealed and filtered the air as much possible. I ended up cancelling quite a few Zoom meetings because it just hurt to talk - which is also an important part of the podcasting process.

On top of all that, Jimmy and I were having a tough time syncing schedules (he's 2-hours ahead of me) and there were just too many moving pieces that neither of us had time for. We're both dedicated to our jobs (to a fault) and families, which doesn't leave time or energy for much else. Even for someone like myself who works in podcasting, I completely underestimated the amount of time that it would take doing all the prep, production, directing, and editing.

With that said, I wanted to get this going again, even if I had to go it alone and reduce the size of the show. I still wanted to provide updates on relevant news topics for veterans and if there was time, dive into one of the topics and provide some editorial commentary.

So, the show is shorter and less complicated, which means it's also easier to plan and produce for me.

In this latest episode, we cover some veteran and military related news that happened over the last week, and I gave my thoughts on the recent insurrection at the US Capitol and the role veterans played in it.

If you have story suggestions or would like to contribute to the podcast, please feel free to reach out to

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